No Guts No Glory


It all started back in ’03. Two young and ambitious people with a clear vision about fashion were ready to take a gamble on the market.

On the blooming streets of Amsterdam they decided that they wanted to create the perfect daily basics. Inspired by the busy Amsterdam city life, they wanted to make the little things in life more comfortable and enjoyable.

After a couple years it was really clear that bringing only basics on the market wasn’t going to cut it. People these days are not only looking for a plain white tee, but they are searching for items with a fashionable edge to bring a little statement into their daily life.

So we have created a new design philosophy and discovered a new way of thinking within the fashion industry. We are convinced that our new philosophy is giving that little statement to the individual. every NO GUTS NO GLORY collection is made with pride, passion and a story about something that is important to us.